Who am I?

Hello!  My name is Jill Furlong, and I’m a photographer in Central Florida who specializes in capturing the bonds and the memories we create with our furry family members. I live near the theme parks with my boyfriend, our two foundling kitties and a spoiled Maltipoo puppy named Lily. I volunteer at both Give Kids the World and the Osceola County Animal Shelter and love spending time at the theme parks.

Why am I your photographer?

Everyone loves their pets.  They *are* family members.  From the funny spot on that one paw, to the one white whisker in a sea of black ones, to the quirky tail that doesn’t quite go straight - I want to capture it all.  Our fur kids are as important to us as our human kids and they should have their place in the family photo albums.

My first pet was a tiny black & white kitten that I found when I was 10.   I wheedled and cajoled and begged until Mom relented and we brought Jasper home.   I have exactly 3 photographs of Jasper.   Our first dog was an enormous pound puppy, who turned out to be a cross between an English Sheepdog and an Irish Wolfhound.  I have 2 or 3 photos of him and nothing besides my memories to show just how huge he was.

Why professional photographs of your pet?

In this day of everyone having a smartphone camera,  everyone takes ‘snapshots’.  How many of those actually turn out and look as beautiful as what you see in front of you?   Pets, like small children, are a challenge.   They move fast, they tend to not take direction and they can try your patience.   I have the patience and the experience to handle this challenge.

Do you have an unruly or untrained dog?  A shy and antisocial kitty? No worries!  I will work to bring out the very best of your pet, in whatever environment they are most comfortable in.

How many of us take hundreds of photos on our phone and then never print them out?  Or worse yet, lose them when our phone dies or we upgrade?    Let me capture the images and connections with your pets for you.  I have a variety of archival and specialty products to fit your lifestyle, from prints and canvases to photo jewelry, bags and smartphone cases.

Please contact me today to start planning your session!