I believe in celebrating life with our four-legged family members through photography. From the funny spot on that one paw, the lone white whisker in a sea of black ones, or the quirky tail that won't quite straighten. 

I believe in capturing and celebrating precious moments with your furry family - because small moments are just as photo-worthy as big ones!

That look of joy on your pup's face when he's getting a belly rub, or your cat's pretend disdain when you throw her a ball of wool. These moments are precious and fleeting and I love capturing the bonds and special memories with our furry family.

Every pet - quirks and all - deserves to be celebrated and their unique and special traits captured in print forever. Pets, like small children, are a challenge! They move fast, they tend not to take direction and they can try your patience.

I have the patience, the experience (and the sense of humor!) to handle any challenge and celebrate your beloved pet through my camera lens.


Playful Paws Photography

I hadn’t had Hudson very long when I asked Jill to take photos for me. He was easily distracted and wouldn’t sit still but Jill was very calm and patient with him. I love that she was able to capture different sides of his personality in just a short amount of time. I originally didn’t want to be in any of the photos, but she convinced me and now we have the most amazing picture of the two of us! When it came to choose the photos there were so many amazing shots. I would completely recommend Jill for any of your pet photography needs!


Playful Paws Photography

Working with Jill to get pictures of my Labradoodle, Reese, was so easy! She really knows how to grab their attention and get a perspective that shows off each dog's personality. With an energetic big dog, it can be a challenge to get good photos, but Jill was patient and put both of us at ease. I'd recommend her to anyone, your dog will love her!


Playful Paws Photography

Jill is passionate about what she does and it shows in her work. I needed a "family photo" for a Christmas card, my pup and I are family. The photo Jill took is now my go-to photo anytime I need a picture of myself for anything. I'm not a fan of personal photos, but add my RustyPup and I'll show it off all day. Will I have Jill take our family photos again? Of course! Do I think you should check her out and set up your session as soon as possible? DEFINITELY!! You will not be disappointed!!!!