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Pet Photographer Florida

I believe in celebrating, living and capturing every precious moment - because the small moments are just as photo-worthy as the big ones!

That look of pure joy on your pup's face when he's getting a belly rub is so precious and fleeting and I love capturing the bonds and special memories we create with our furry family.

Every pet - quirks and all - deserves to be celebrated and their unique and special traits captured in print forever. Pets, like small children, are a challenge. They move fast, they tend to not take direction and they can try your patience.

I have the patience, the experience (and the sense of humor!) to handle any challenge and celebrate your beloved pet through my camera lens.

I call them Celebration Memories.

Yes everyone has a smartphone these days and if you're like most pet parents your entire photo gallery is pictures of your pet.

But do you really want to only remember your beloved fur kid with a manic look in his eye, or a blurry face because he moved at the wrong moment or last night's dinner still in his whiskers?

I would love to help you celebrate your special bond with your pet through a Celebration Memory photoshoot.


They are family members - and unique ones at that - and they deserve to be celebrated.

From the funny spot on that one paw, the lone white whisker in a sea of black ones, or the quirky tail that doesn’t quite go straight.

Hi, I'm Jill and my job as a pet photographer is to capture what makes them so special.



Get in touch if you'd like to chat about a photoshoot or just want to say hi and introduce me to your pup! 

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Playful Paws Photography Florida

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