Hi! I'm Jill, a pet photographer in Florida.

I believe in celebrating life with our four-legged family members through photography. From the funny spot on that one paw, the lone white whisker in a sea of black ones, or the quirky tail that won't quite straighten.

I believe in capturing and celebrating precious moments with your furry family - because small moments are just as photo-worthy as big ones!

That look of joy on your pup's face when he's getting a belly rub, or your cat's pretend disdain when you throw her a ball of wool. These moments are precious and fleeting and I love capturing the bonds and special memories with our furry family.

Every pet - quirks and all - deserves to be celebrated and their unique and special traits captured in print forever. Pets, like small children, are a challenge! They move fast, they tend not to take direction and they can try your patience.

I have the patience, the experience (and the sense of humor!) to handle any challenge and celebrate your beloved pet through my camera lens.