Meet Jill

Why Playful Paws Photography?

As your pet photographer, I want to bring more joy and play into the lives of you and your pup - and to help you create precious memories that you can look at for years to come!

Even though I have such vivid memories of the animals in my life as I grew up, I have very few photographs. This was a time before digital images – a time when cameras weren’t in our hands 24/7. I remember playing with Jasper, dragging a string around the house for him to chase. I remember running down the alley with Peppi, and watching him running around the back yard.

I *remember* playing. I didn’t know it at the time, but was such an important way for me to keep my sanity. As grown-ups, we don’t get to do enough of that. Now that I have a pup of my own again, she’s reminded me just how much joy can be had playing catch (or in her case, fetch!)

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Playful Paws Photography


My name is Jill and I'm the creative force behind Playful Paws Photography based in Celebration, Florida. I'm a full time pet photographer and I believe we all need to 'Find the Play in Every Day' - and that's exactly what I do through my Memories Photo Sessions.

I'm lucky enough to live just a few miles from the Theme Parks and just a little further from the coastal beaches. The love of my life is Brian and my heart dog is Lily, also known as LilyPup. We also have 2 cats, the very mischievous Maxwell and the very disapproving Toulouse.