Five ways to celebrate the 4th of July and summer with your pup


Patriotic LilyPup

Woohoo! Summer is here and it’s time to celebrate with some outdoor fun. But how can we include our beloved, fun-loving pets in these activities? I have a few suggestions for you!

Early mornings at the dog park

There are a number of great dog parks here in Central Florida and most of them open just after sunrise. It’s early enough in the day that the heat hasn’t built up and the humidity is usually fairly bearable. Remember to take a water bowl and some fresh water for your pet to cool down after all the running around at the park.

Make some sweet and cool treats for your pup

Fresh fruit properly prepared is a wonderful treat for your pup

My friend, Holly, at Brindleberry Acres has some great frozen treat recipes that your pup will love. One of LilyPup’s favorites is Peanut Butter Banana Frozen Bones. She’s a little dog, so it takes her a while to eat one of them. A batch of the recipe lasts for quite a while in our house. You could also substitute a little apple or blueberry if your dog likes those flavors. Another fabulous idea is to freeze some cubed watermelon or cantaloupe for your pet to nibble on. Make sure you’ve removed all the seeds since those can cause problems.

Bring out the sprinkler or baby pool and have a romp in the backyard

Most pups enjoy playing in water and a sprinkler is a perfect place for them to do it.

Most dogs love to play in the water. So set up the sprinkler or fill up a baby pool and play fetch or frisbee in the back yard. Toss their favorite toy into the pool and watch them retrieve it for you. If your pup is prone to slipping, you can always line the bottom of the pool with a few wet towels to keep them steady on their feet. While you’re playing in the water with your dog, make sure they are not ingesting TOO much water as that can cause serious issues.

Take your pup to dinner with you

Dining out with your dog has become easier and easier with many restaurants having a specific pet area to sit. Celebration, Winter Garden, Winter Park and the Audubon Park Garden District all have plenty of fabulous eateries to choose from. Some locations even have specific dog friendly menus for your pup. Make sure your dog is well socialized and trained before taking him or her out to dine to avoid any barking between tables.

Set up a mini agility course in your backyard

Time to train your pup with some fun agility exercises. It’s easy to set up a mini agility course with small plastic cones to weave around, an inexpensive pup tunnel to run through, and a hula hoop to jump. If you have a little bit of smooth lumber you can make an elevated balance beam for your pet to walk on. Just takes some regular training with their favorite motivational treats or toys to get them to learn to weave, jump, or walk through your obstacles. Be sure to reward your pup with plenty of praises and pets for a job well done.

AND after you’ve done all these activities and are ready for some real playtime, book a session with me. A Playful Memories session is just a taste of the fun you can have documenting the love and joy your dog brings you.