Travels with my dog, Lily


I’ve recently returned from a 3 week road trip to visit family and friends in Virginia and Pennsylvania. I decided to drive because I was going to be gone so long and I wanted to take LilyPup with me.

Traveling with a dog always involves extra planning and preparation to make it a successful trip.

We departed at 5:30 am on a Thursday morning. I’d packed up the car the night before so all I needed to do was walk Lily, give her some breakfast and grab the snacks for the cooler from the fridge.

I was able to leave on time with a minimum of fuss 🙂



Lily Pup and I ready to start our journey


One thing you see in the photo is Lily’s car seat. I have always used a small bucket type car seat for her, but with traveling over a thousand miles, I wanted something more protective for her.

This car seat is from a company called PupSaver, which I found after searching on Google far and wide for dog car seats.

I really like this seat. It comes flat packed and has a cushioned bottom. It is a rear facing car seat, much like an infant carrier.

The back side of it has small air bladders that get blown up to provide the protection, if the car stops suddenly, she’ll be caught in the seat like a catcher’s mitt.

It will also protect her in case the vehicle air bags deploy. There is an adjustable harness tether in the bottom center so she can stand up and move positions if she wants.

Pet Carrier

Because I traveled alone, I needed a soft sided carrier to use when I had to make restroom stops.

When picking a carrier, a few things should be considered: ease of access, shoulder or hand straps, and how easy it is to clean it. The one I have for Lily has both a side entry and a top entry with double zippers.

Lily in her car seat

Portable bowl/water dish

It’s important to make sure your pet has plenty of fresh water and food. A collapsible water dish is easy to pack, takes up very little room and is easy to clean while on the road.

Lily is on a raw diet so for traveling, I switched her to the freeze dried formula of her normal food from Primal pet foods. This makes it easy to travel with her food and keep her tummy happy.

Every time I made a stop, I offered Lily fresh water.  It’s really easy for pets to get dehydrated when you are driving long distances so it’s important to keep an eye on their water intake.

That is also the other benefit of rehydrating the freeze dried food – it ensures she gets additional fluid intake.


I also packed a bag for Lily’s bed and blankie, a few toys, some treats, extra poo bags, an extra collar and leash and of course, her sunglasses.

All in all, Lily is a great travel companion and the advanced preparation I did made the drive stress free and enjoyable.