Puppy Cake Smash



Oh my dog!  Did you say Puppy Cake Smash?  Why yes, yes I did!

A puppy cake smash session is exactly the same as the first birthday cake smash sessions that people do for their 2 legged kids. The only difference is that we don’t limit to our first puppy birthday.  First birthday, tenth birthday or any of the gotcha days in between, we are here to help you celebrate your pup in the most fun way possible.

All natural cakes for a puppy cake smash

The cake

We start out with a healthy pup cake – it’s made with chick pea flour, applesauce, peanut butter, grated carrot & egg, which makes it gluten & wheat free and has no added sugar.  I’ll admit I’ve tried a bit of it and while I’m not a fan of veggies in my desserts (I’m looking at you, carrot cake!) it’s not bad.  All of the dogs who have had it give it a 4 paws up.  The frosting is greek yogurt & peanut butter, and again, perfectly natural for most any dog.

Digging into the delicious cake

The main event

Next add in a festive background and some balloons and decorations and woohoo! we have a party.  The session will last about an hour, give or take.   Long enough for you and your pup to get comfortable at the studio and into a celebration mode.   I’ll take a few shots of the pup casually and then we’ll bring out the cake and let’s see what he does with it 🙂   Does he take a few minutes to sniff around it and lick all the icing or does he dive right in, nose first, to see what this cake thing is all about?    The whole time, I’ll be photographing all of the fun and frivolity for us to laugh and reminisce about later during your reveal session.

This cake is SO yummy!

After the party

When we are done and cleaned up, while your pup is chilling with a new toy, I’ll show you samples of some of the fun and whimsical products that we can print your pup’s images on in addition to the 6×6 acrylic block that is included with his session.  We’ll also get the reveal session on the calendar for a week or so after the photo session.  At the reveal, you’ll pick your favorite photo for the acrylic block and order any additional products you’d like.  It will take about 10 days for everything to be delivered.

If you have any questions or if you have ideas for a theme you’d love as your pup’s Puppy Cake Smash session, drop me an email and I’ll be in touch.